Attractions and Facilities

With a sole objective of redefining the leisure and recreation industry in Africa, Aquatic Jungle offers a variety of experiences not available anywhere else in Africa, or even the wider world! Get up-close and personal with the animals, challenge some of mankind's most incredible rides or simply
soak up the unique atmosphere and different personalities of each of the attractions at the Aquatic Jungle Estate.


Aircraft and Helicopter Tour
The Park is equipped with aircrafts and helicopters for the purpose of Educating and entertaining kids and adults as well as entertainment for many people who have not had the opportunity of being in real flights. This facility would be very attractive to students, children and even adults. The Aircraft is well equipped with air conditioners and LED TVs for entertainment and learning while on board. Visitors experiencing our aircraft tour, especially children, enjoy the feeling of being on board a real aircraft as they are guided through by experienced Cabin crew.(Ready).

Remote Controlled Racing Arcade
Experience the first all REMOTE CONTROLLED ARCADE, with remote controlled flying aircraft's, speed boats and racing cars/jeeps for kids above the age of 12 years.(Ready).

Indoor Aquarium
Our state of the art indoor aquarium features over 200 species of fish and sea mammals all round the year. By the provision of this service, tourists and visitors to the park are continuously entertained as well as educated through observations as well as guided tours around the facility.(Not Ready).

Outdoor Aquarium
Aquatic Jungle is the first park to provide these services in west Africa. The outdoor aquarium is conceptualized to entertain tourists at the park. The sea animals including dolphins and manatees which are known for their fun-loving nature are on exhibition at different times of the year. It will be a sight to behold watching dolphins chasing balls, dancing to music and playing with visitors at the park. We aim to thrill our visitors on a year round basis with this facility.(Not Ready).

Theme and Amusement Parks
Amusement and family entertainment cannot be complete without a modern park equipped with state- of-the-art gadgets for the overall satisfaction of a family out to have a fun-filled and leisure day. At Aquatic Jungle, we provide a one-stop-shop theme park with all the facilities required for well-rounded entertainment. Facilities include; Roller coaster rides, water rides, boat cruise on the lagoon, I-Max studio, Mini golf course.(Not Ready).

In order to offer whole family entertainment and a conducive environment for business activities, the park provides resort services fitted with modern and state-of-the-art facilities that meet international standards. Such facilities which are tailor-made for individual, company and executive retreats include conference centers, large swimming pools, restaurants, games arcade, mini golf course, massage spas and lodges, etc. The purpose of the resort is to provide wholesale entertainment, leisure and business service for individuals, families and corporate organizations.(Not Ready).

Souvenir and Shopping Outlets
To ensure maximum convenience for visitors to the park, the souvenir and shopping outlets cater for the needs of visitors. The idea is to provide easy access to the needs of tourists and visitors without them leaving the park as well as affords visitors an opportunity to take away items that will remind them of their stay at Aquatic Jungle. (Not Ready).

The Aquatic Jungle Zoo rekindles a feeling of wonder and excitement both for children and adults in seeing diverse rang and species of live animals, including lions, gorillas, elephants, tigers and other wild animals within closer proximity. (Not Ready)

Swimming Pools
The facility features various sizes of installed swimming pools around the park. These will afford visitors an opportunity to relax in the tropical Nigerian sun. (Not Ready).

5 Lodging / Accommodation,
Our splendid lodging / accommodation to cater for visitors seeking the regal treatment and great Nigerian hospitality. Visitors will appreciate the grandeur of a luxury lodging / accommodation after a hard day’s sight-seeing where you can be waited on by welcoming and well-trained hotel staff. (Not Ready).

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